What “Be the wolf” means

 A wolf in nature does not pass up the easy meal but is also capable of finding one that is not so easy to get. More often than not, a wolf fails but through perseverance will succeed where others fail. My posts, I hope, will follow this theme. I don’t expect to succeed at every attempt to make fire, snare a rabbit, or build a shelter but I will eventually succeed. I welcome all constructive input and I hope my endeavors help, or at least inspire someone else to succeed. I believe that most people in the modern industrialized world lack the basic skills required to survive in the event of even a very short period of anarchy. Many people very nearly panic if they’re in the woods and lose cell phone reception. I shudder to think of relatively pampered people after only two days without electricity. Maybe we can help them stop being sheep, and instead be the wolf.


This is the first blog attempt of mine. This site will be devoted to managing your limited resources to prepare for disaster. This will hopefully be a learning experience for everyone involved. I have a hundred different projects ranging from how to start a fire with two sticks to building shelters and everything in between. Some I’ve tried already, other’s will be new to me. I truly hope this site will give something to everyone who visits.